A Prayer For Church Musicians and Artists

(Book of Common Prayer, USA 1979)

"O God

Whom Saints and Angels delight to Worship in Heaven:

Be ever present with your Servants who seek through Art and Music

To perfect the Praises offered by your People on Earth;

And grant to them even now glimpses of Your Beauty,

And make them at length to behold it unveiled for evermore;

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


GEMS From Various Services of Worship

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"The RSCM is an educational charity dedicated to raising standards and promoting music in every style of Christian worship and every denomination".

(Note:- The Royal School of Church Music, Toronto Branch has excellent information).


FCM publishes a useful guide to "Singing in Cathedrals" available free through the FCM webpage.

Shirley Gale studied piano from an early age with the late George Pearce and Lance Dossor. She is an Associate of the Adelaide University in Performing

Arts, majoring in performance in piano  and won several scholarships including the Elder Scholarship.

She began broadcasting at the age of 11, playing regularly on the 5AN-5CL network from that time. Organ studies began when a full-time music student under the late Harold Wylde and the late Dr. J.V. Peters. She continued regular broadcasts for the ABC, only ceasing shortly after the birth of her third child; however returning to her music career a few years later as Organiste at the Marion Methodist Church; resuming piano teaching at Annesley College and Pulteney Grammar; subsequently taking charge of Junior School Music at Pembroke School for 22 years; touring as Organiste/Pianiste for the Pembroke Girls' Choir throughout South Australia, Interstate, Japan and Europe; and at present acting as Principal Organiste at St. Peter's Cathedral Adelaide.

Shirley is also noted for her skills in composition and improvisation. She wrote both the Annesley College (then known as MLC) and Pembroke School Hymns; the former when a student in year ten at MLC, the words being written by a fellow student, Barbara Vogt; the latter hymn when a music teacher shortly after the foundation of Pembroke School, the words being written by The Rev Basil Filby, School Chaplain.

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