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I received this interesting response from a reader of my pages. He had sent me the results of a search on psoriasis; my comments are at the end of this page with the marginal marks >>; Gary's response is margined >

>Hi Allen,

>I used the following top down epidemiological

>reasoning to form a hypothesis that I then tried to

>validate from Medline at every possible point.

>1. psoriasis almost always appears after late teens

>and worsens with age.(typical unchecked insulin

>resistance syndrome progression).

>2. psoriasis clears under conditions of starvation or

>malnutrition(ketosis or borderline ketosis which

>implies glucose/insulin control) as cited in prisoner

>of war camps.

>3. psoriasis clears in some pregnant women and gets

>worse in others. I beieve this could be that some

>women go into ketosis(improve) and some become

>gestationally diabetic(worse).

>4. psoriasis has an overrepresentation of syndrome X

>coexisiting complications ie. hypertension,

>hyperlipidism, artherosclerosis and diabetes.

>To cut a long story short insulin resistance/glucose

>intolerance can explain all the above points. Some

>have a weak correlation and some points have a strong

>correlation. Taken together I believe the case is

>quite strong.

>Given my 4 points above I believe it is unlikely that

>psoriasis is the cause of all the associated

>conditions, but rather insulin resistance is the

>cause and psoriasis is one of the effects.

>Much investigation still needs to be done with direct


>Thanks for the new pages. I have used your pages as a

>reference for myself and explanation source in my

>correspondence with others.


>>---"Allen E. Gale" <> wrote:

>> Hi Gary

>> I have had time this evening to do justice to the

>>incredible information you retrieved on the

>>relationship between IR & psoriasis.

>> Where did you retrieve this from? Medline? and what

>>were the search words?

>> How it could work is that increased IR is a

>CONSEQUENCE of psoriasis.

>> (Just as increased IR is a consequence of any

>>stress, infection, pregnancy in women, trauma,

>>----the list grows)

>> The other diseases of IR then flow on as a

>>consequence of the increased IR due to the psoriasis.

>> Do you follow my line of thinking; The operative

>>word is "consequence".

>> Allen

>> May15 1999

It is relevant that Bernstein reports a high incidence of psoriasis in diabetics attending his clinic.

Personal communication 2001

Allen E Gale

May 5 2002