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Allen E Gale on September 20 1999

Café C & Springton Cellars

Dawn in the Southern Flinders Ranges

Honey 2

Bowman Park Peacocks near Crystal Brook

The ploughman Redhill service station

Early summer Shiraz & Roses in Wilmington

Hungry? Then try a Mega T-Bone Steak at Café C Restaurant

The Three Bears

Soon bear was asleep

And the doctor prepared to fix his arm

After the operation bear's friends thanked the doctor

For nasal Irrigation with a modified 20ml syringe

Water Pick with Dr Murray Grossan's Nasal Attachment

Axillary acanthosis nigricans ?HAIRAN SYNDROME

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Family websites

Dorothy Yeoman's daughter's wedding

(Dorothy's Grandfather John William George Gale married Maud Sargent)