IR & Caffeine

(Is there nothing this wretched IR does not touch?!!)

Our preliminary studies indicate that chronic caffeine consumption has adverse renal effects in nephropathy associated with high blood pressure and insulin resistance. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of ….caffeine …on renal function …in obese, diabetic … rats. …The present study provides the first evidence that caffeine (despite improving insulin sensitivity) exacerbates renal failure in obese, diabetic ZSF1 rats.


Caffeine ….pharmacological effects are predominantly due to adenosine receptor antagonism and include release of catecholamines. ….Caffeine can decrease insulin sensitivity* in healthy humans….*("decrease insulin sensitivity" = increases insulin resistance )


The data… suggests that caffeine ingestion may have resulted in insulin resistance. 

… In fasting male volunteers caffeine caused an increase in the concentrations of blood glucose, cortisol, insulin, free fatty acids, free glycerol and ketone bodies.… high dosed caffeine causes peripheral insulin resistance in the human being as well as in the experimental animal. This peripheral insulin resistance is shown by the simultaneous large increases in concentrations of serum insulin, blood glucose and concentration of free fatty acids.