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These pages contain a vast and diverse amount of information. Many patients are referred to me for "allergy tests" which prove negative, but a quest for insulin resistance (IR) yields an answer to the patient's long list of unexplained illnesses! Whilst my findings are relegated to the category of "anecdotal * evidence," otherwise inexplicable improvements occur in individuals who treat their IR by the triad of "diet+exercise+correct weight".

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Although my interest in Insulin resistance began in 1987 it wasn't until Hugh O'Donnell* picked up my posts on this topic, that I began to get any significant feedback on a problem which was proving to be more and more insidious in onset, more and more ubiquitous in prevalence and more and more sinister in it's implications. I would like to acknowledge here the significant impetus and encouragement which Hugh's involvement has given me. On the one hand I have been frankly amazed at the reluctance of my colleagues to embrace the concept of insulin resistance, but on the other hand I excuse their skepticism in view of the apparent unrelated nature of clinical features of metabolic syndrome. But it is this same skepticism and at times downright rudeness that has been the driving force to make me master the intricacies of creating these web pages in order to inform my colleagues and patients. As "the Good Book" says "make your enemies your footstool"! I will include the original texts* as sent to the list on the web. I look forward to meeting Hugh sometme in the future. In the meantime he joins the growing list of e-friends I have made on the net.

The phenomenon of Insulin Resistance (IR) is extremely common and manifests in many different ways. (I have called this "Pandora's Box"*). It is also referred to as "Syndrome X" or "Metabolic Syndrome". One important debate in the medical profession is the question:- "Which comes first, the disease state or the insulin resistance?" I have attempted to show that IR precedes disease in some, but in others IR is the result of illness*, trauma or physiological states including youth, PMT, pregnancy and physical and mental stress. IR is a normal response to certain drugs including the contraceptive pill and OHRT! Problems appear to arise when IR becomes abnormally elevated. To understand this bizarre syndrome think insulin not glucose! I will add here those documents which address this basic question -- Which comes first?

If you have any doubts about which comes first, have a look at:- INSULIN RESISTANCE PROMOTES HYPERTENSION & NOT VICE VERSA* An extract from the above document: states- "Even lean normotensive offspring of hypertensive parents show high levels of insulin and decreased insulin sensitivity, suggesting that it is hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance that promote hypertension, and not the other way around. As if to confirm the causative link, experiments in lowering insulin levels and insulin resistance have succeeded in lowering blood pressure, while experimental lowering of blood pressure has not lowered insulin levels." I make no apology for the vastness of the information linked to these pages; this is the basis of the problem; until research refines and collates the information and explains apparent contradictions, it is little wonder that ignorance and skepticism prevails.I would suggest that you read the following:-INSULIN RESISTANCE * Underlying Factor in a Web of Pathologies. Your protection as to the accuracy of information on the internet are the guidelines for editors of scientific medical journals known as the findings of the Vancouver Group.* Look for texts that have been published in "Peer reviewed refereed medical and scientific journals".

An excellent introduction to the vastness of the topic is seen if you look at the abstracts on the database known as MEDLINE. These are all from peer reviewed refereed medical & scientific journals; type "insulin resistance" into the search box which appears when you point and click on the blue hypertext link MEDLINE. You can modify the search by typing in "insulin resistance AND 2002" to see the intensity of current research; this is no "yuppy disease" but an incredidbly difficult & diverse topic in medicine. Or search Medline for "insulin resistance AND hypertension" or "insulin resistance AND cholesterol" or "insulin resistance AND gout" and so on through Pandora's Box! This is one way of discovering more diseases linked to IR Have a look in

Dr Allen E Gale

May 5 2002

* Links to these pages still under construction