IRDM1 IR in "Type 1 Diabetes"

Insulin Resistance in Diabetics on insulin injections

Case Reports

i) UR 1653 female aged 54 Diabetic on insulin injections 100units morning & night. Long history of illnesses all related to IR including teenage amenorrhoea, later infertility, hair balding, psoriasis, migraine, hypertension & toxemia in pregnancy, big baby (9lb 13oz) (WWTEL); type 2 diabetes diagnosed one year after birth of baby; treated with diet then later given Daonil; insulin injections commenced 9years later; began gaining weight & saw numerous doctors, unable to lose weight, most weight in stomach area, troubled with bloating, hypertension, high cholesterol, restless sleep, sleep apnoea, treated with "automatic ResMed"with temporary improvement in fatigue, 12 months after beginning use of "ResMed" fatigue was worsening, with aching muscles, saw an endocrinologist who told her she had insulin resistance and given new tablets, became worse and saw a naturopath and alternative medical practitioner, diagnosed leaky gut syndrome and chronic fatigue which were due to a build up of fats toxins and chemicals. Developed frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, trigger finger and arthritis worse. Chelation treatment recommended but declined; began following the Blood Group Diet during this interlude! Eyes were deteriorating, cataracts, light sensitive, given laser treatment repeatedly every 3 months -500, 600, 700? per session over 2 days every 3 months for approximately 2 years; dentist said amalgam in mouth breaking down; seen by reflexologist & podiatrist.

(The clinical features in red in the text above are due to insulin resistance).

At this point in time she came to see me, still having 100 units of insulin twice daily (viz 50 Actrapid & 50 Monotard) with a fasting blood sugar of 6.4, 8.2 after breakfast, 7.2 before lunch, 9.5 after lunch, 8.4 before tea, 12.8 after tea and 13.2 before bed. I sent her to a pathology laboratory where insulin levels are done "in-house" to have her blood glucose & insulin levels measured before and after her typical breakfast, but without any injection of insulin. This revealed:-

Fasting Glucose 7.0mmol/L (Normal 3.0-5.4); Insulin 90 (Normal 2 - 10)

She then had breakfast consisting of a ham sandwich made with white bread and mayonaise plus a glass of skim milk.

One hour after breakfast her levels were:-Glucose 11.8; insulin 131

Two hours after breakfast her levels were:-Glucose 12.2; insulin 130

……………to be continued!!!!!

What would you suggest? I told her to buy Bernstein's book and to understand the concept of Dietary Ketosis as explained in Ezrin's book; she should read the chapter "Dr to Dr" in Ezrin's book. She needs careful supervision and adjustment of her medication which includes a diuretic & antihypertensive as well as the insulin; her blood uric acid and lactate must be monitored.

…… But another "Type 1 diabetic" to keep you in suspense!

ii) UR 1756 male aged 77. Diabetic on insulin injections 38 units morning & 22 units at night. Diabetes diagnosed six years ago; treated with diet for a few months then tablets for 4 or 5 years……

I sent him for glucose & insulin studies before & after breakfast but without any injection of insulin:-

Fasting Glucose 5.6 mmol/L (Normal 3.0-5.4); Insulin 217 (Normal 2 - 10)

He then had his usual breakfast consisting of half a grapefruit, one slice of white bread, "no added sugar" marmalade, Vitabits with Litestart milk plus Splenda

One hour after breakfast his levels were:-Glucose 13.1; insulin 414

Two hours after breakfast his levels were:-Glucose 14.3; insulin 768

…these are incredible… be continued

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