From Various Services of Worship


Age is a quality of mind.

 If you have left your dreams behind

If hope is cold

If you no longer look ahead

If your ambition fires are dead

Then you are old


But if from life you take the best

If in life you keep a zest

If love you hold

No matter how the years go by

No matter how the birthdays fly

You are not old.

Lord Leister to Lionel Tertis



When I come to the end of the road

And the sun has set for me,

I want no rites in a gloom-filled room:

Why cry for a soul set free!

Miss me a little - but not too long

And not with your head bowed low:

Remember the love that we once shared

Miss me, but let me go!

For this is a journey we all must take

And each must go alone;

It's all part of the master's plan,

A step on the road to home.

When you are lonely and sick of heart,

Go to the friends we know

And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds,

Miss me, but let me go……


If I should go

If I should go

Before the rest of you,

break not a flower;

nor when I am gone

speak in a Sunday voice,

but be the usual selves

that I have known.

Weep if you must.

Parting is hell

but life goes on,

so sing as well.

Joyce Grenfell


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